Evening shadows lengthen as day draws to a close,
Leaves rustle all around, a light breeze stirs the trees
Birds search for a resting place to renew their energy
Peace and stillness wash over me.

I watch the sun sink slowly behind the rooftops
Marvelling at the beauty as the colours change
Goosebumps on my skin in the chill damp air, but
Inside your warmth seeps through me and I smile.

I think of you and all that you have shared
Your wisdom, your humour, your love, your self
Your very soul has been laid bare for me to see
And for that I thank you, with all my heart.

We move toward tomorrow joined as man and wife
New life, new hopes, new dreams await us
Our love will carry us beyond the present
Into the bright and endless future.

Reserve Vineyards, Aloha, Oregon

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verse by Penelope Brooks, photo and page design by Paul Johnson

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