Just east of Portland, Oregon, Mt Hood Community College annually hosted a jazz festival. Taking place usually on the first weekend of August, it drew talent and fans from all over the world. The festival supported Mt Hood College's highly successful jazz music program and the local chamber of commerce. It ran for around 20 years, the list of performers was awesome!

Rick Braun, Greg Vail, Patrick Lamb, Peter White
Chris Botti

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You are probably asking why I have devoted some space of my personal site to this page. I have attended musical events of many sizes and ranging over many musical tastes. Virtually all of these events treated patrons like "the enemy" and there always seemed such a distance between patrons and performers. The people who ran the Mt Hood Jazz Festival had done much to create a family atmosphere - relaxed, open and friendly. Some of the above pictures show performers walking through the audience and signing autographs. Being a former performer myself, I know I would never leave the stage and walk into the audience unless I was comfortable and felt safe and secure in doing so. Each year, I eagerly looked forward to the festival for it always felt like a family coming together for three days of music and fun. In that regard, I think you may understand why I made this page...to show the world what is possible when we all treat each other with respect and consideration!
John Menzano

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