On this page, grouped as best I am able, is a complete
listing of all my own individual page creations. Thank you
all for your support and encouragement!

Expressions of Friendship
your friendship is a rainbow in my life Friendship Rainbow
friendship's value is universal Value of Friendship
our friends help us through tough times Help From Friends
your friendship gives me peace and tranquility Tranquil Friendship
classic Mt Hood, Oregon picture Thanking You
your friendship is beauty in motion Beauty in Motion
you allow me to be myself Sense of Self
unconditional friendship Path Through Life
friendship brings joy Joy of Friendship
this moment is my gift to you, my friend Life's Precious Moments
the gift of friendship is to be received I Am Your Friend, Take My Hand
the World is a Friendly Place! Friendly World
Thinking of our friendship Drop of Water, Drop of Time
A friend has much to explore Many Rooms
Your friendship lights the way Lighting the Way
Freely given friendship No Reservations
Celebration of Friends
my wife's daughter's art Lydia Brooks Art Gallery
another award winning
poem by Desdemona
Diamonds on the Wind
celebration of my home Portland, Oregon Pictoral
a poem c-Jane-run wrote Moonbeams
Rabit & Vickye 35th Wedding Anniversary 35th Anniversary
talented artist Mark Gardner (aka Beckmann) Beckmann Gallery
JustBob's Proposal to LadyRN at Cedar Point Happy Day
poetry written by a friend, set to music Beacon of Amber
celebrating the feeling of family present
at the Mt Hood Festival Jazz Festival
Mt Hood Jazz Festival
a poem set within a drawing, a collaboration
between two chat friends
patti.cake & Beckmann
a painting by Catskill and a poem by me Winter
a series of comics drawn by Mark Gardner Beckmann Comics Gallery

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pledge of love Hand in Hand
heartfelt love Evening's Love
long distance love Love in a Sunset
thankful for love A Walk on the Beach
a proposal of love Do You Believe in Love?
love grows with time Timeless Love
forever in love True Love
epic quest for love Once Upon A Time
love is inspirational Lovers 1 - Loving Arms
loving morning Lovers 2 - Good Morning, My Love
dreaming of love I Dream
heart paints a picture of love A Page For Lovers 3
when I am with you.... A Page For Lovers 4
missing a lover Missing You
no ordinary love Lovers 5
Year of the Dragon 5th Moon 5th Dragon Moon
Year of the Dragon 3rd Moon 3rd Dragon Moon
Year of the Dragon 2nd Moon 2nd Dragon Moon
Year of the Dragon 1st Moon 1st Dragon Moon
wishing all a wondrous new year Year of the Dragon
thankful to be here I am here
take time for life Serenity
paradise is everywhere Day in Paradise
pausing to see life's beauty Beauty Within
your Light shines on me Beauty of Soul
tranquility in a sunset off Quadry Island, BC, Canada Beautiful Sunset
a gorgeous sunset in Northern California Gift of Beauty
tranquil Vancouver, Washington sunset Tranquil Sunset
inspiration from a Joshua Tree, California event Expect A Miracle
Life is an Adventure to be lived joyously Life is an Adventure
a tribute to my Mother, who has passed Thank You, Mother
is life long enough to say good-bye? One More
be a difference, break the mold of fear! I Am Sad
we already have everything we need Life's Challenges
memories provide structure and direction Memories
harvest life's experiences and grow Harvest
magic abounds everywhere!
open your heart and let magic in
Magic Abounds
affirmative action to dreams Path to Dreams
giving thanks for being alive Thankful
choose to dream, choose to live! Lifted Veil

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Silly, Fun and Dumb
having way too much fun with Christmas! PJFunGuy's Holiday Gift Shoppe
a group of ladies who have become dear
friends through chat and formed a club
The Brat Pack
a pathetic group of men having way
The Poor Men's Club
having some fun with the famous
annual Mt Hood Jazz Festival
Mt. Hood Jazz
taking a lighter look at 1998's USA
heat and drought disaster
Drought Buster
far too many serious Halloween
URL's so this one is dumb! (REDESIGNED)
another holiday, trashed by the Poor Men's Club The Poor Men's Club
Valentine Glee Package
my birthday thank you page (grin) (BIG GRIN)

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