Sir PJ Privacy Statement
I am committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. My web site is structured so that you can visit SirPJ.Com without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. No page on my site contains "cookies", covert or otherwise. If you have chosen to enter your name on my email list, the list itself is in a protected directory where SPAM robots cannot access it. Further, I only use my email list to announce the release of entertainment style pages which I infrequently make. NO ONE may have my list....period! (grin) No one is authorized to use my email list to attempt to sell you anything and I have nothing which I am selling on my site.

Well...that's it! Nothing real complicated however the internet trend is toward establishing "policy" pages and I just wanted to put any concerns to rest. If you have any concerns or would like to comment, please send me an email!
Peace be with you,
Paul Johnson, Sir PJ
O Mitakuye Oyasin