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About Me

The Guild Of Master Craftsmen More so than any work I've done in my life, being a contractor has been incredibly rewarding. All the years spent in management, logistics and sales were behind me. I felt those years had been lost yet hardly a week goes by where I do not draw upon a lifetime of experience in mainstream employment in my approach to construction work. Many people dream of being a difference and through my work, I am and am proud of it!

My apprenticeship began in 1996 with a private contractor who, like myself, never worked for those big construction companies. I learned that I was the first guy in and the last guy out - there was no "next guy" to fix everything I avoided doing or did poorly. Also, in performing all the work, I gained appreciation and insight to what all the other trades needed in order to do their jobs efficiently and minimize the impact on our customer.

In 2001 I moved to England and got married. Living and working in England in homes as old as 550 years was quite an experience! Major and minor projects came along however my first love was tile installation so in 2005 I decided to specialize and started Time2Tile. The tile projects that came my way grew in complexity and in 2008 I was astonished when the centuries old Guild of Master Craftsmen extended an invitation to join their ranks. For the Guild, being a craftsman is not sufficient enough for membership. They require a level of integrity, honesty, dependability and people skills. Their values reflected my approach to my work so I am proud to have been a member.

Now that I am back in Portland, I am continuing to seek projects requiring increasing levels of skill and craftsmanship. In doing so, I look forward to improving the quality of life for all my customers and that is the way I make a difference!

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